Bishop Risk Management works for both international and local companies in a variety of business sectors. We work on behalf of oil companies and oil service companies. We work for national and local governmental authorities, in both public administrative facilities and private offices, particularly in the realm of policing and national security. We work for banks, both corporate offices and retail branch locations; and we work for various other companies in the private sector. We work throughout the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, and our experts travel to wherever you are. We have been assigned to corporate offices and retail locations, but we’ve also worked on oil fields, rig sites, refineries, pipeline networks, warehouses, industrial facilities, work camps, seaports, airports, etc. We go wherever our work calls us.

The first thing we do when we take on a new assignment is we take the time to learn about our client’s business. We then conduct research and produce a thorough inventory of the risks that such a business may be exposed to. We consider the country, region and specific village or locale in which the client is based, or in which the client is operating. We then look at the process of exactly what the company does, from the beginning of the supply chain until the end. We identify and study critical danger points and potential threats, and carry out conceptual exercises to determine worst case scenarios and material consequences. We consider options for business continuity and migration in those worst case scenarios, so that your business or organization is not crippled by an emergency.

We then assess what the client is doing to mitigate those risks with it its current systems. Wherever possible, Bishop Risk Management will make an effort to build upon the systems that a company already has in place. This helps reduce costs, and it makes staff “buy-in” easier to achieve, as opposed to re-inventing the wheel and imposing radical new programs upon unfamiliar staff. Bishop Risk Management looks to build upon what you already have.

Please take a moment to review the services we provide, and feel free to contact us with any questions or service requests. Thank you.

Bishop Risk Management