Services We Provide

At Bishop Risk Management we offer a full range of risk management consulting services, either on a flexible project basis, or within the framework of long term service agreements. In addition to the services listed below, we also design bespoke solutions tailored to your company’s needs, incorporating various elements from the areas below, as and when required.

Security Team Training

  • Residential Security Team training (for hotel/office/home)
  • Static Security (securing entrances to a camp/work site/rig site, in accordance with local rites and rituals; search teams at entrance gates; metal detectors and camera surveillance equipment)
  • Security Equipment
    • Advisory on equipment for any given security situation
    • Purchase
    • Renting
    • Import
    • Movement
    • Training in use
  • Weapons training: light weapon training, and heavy weapon training)
  • Ongoing emergency management maintenance and review programs (regular refreshers and reviews)

Driver Training

  • Driver Training (introduction to safe driving, fundamental driving skills)
  • Defensive Driver Training (advanced topics: Armed Protection Team training / Personal Security Details)

Health, Safety and Environment Review and Training (HSE)

Bishop Risk Management’s experts have years of experience operating in southern Iraq, in Kurdistan, and in other high risk areas and emerging markets. International companies operating in such environments are required for legal, financial, operational and reputational reasons to develop and adhere to a complex and robust program covering the full range of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) issues. Bishop Risk Management offers HSE review and training as a consulting service, and through careful training of your local and expatriate staff, ensure that your company will operate safely in these high risk environments.

Hostile Environment Training (HET)

Thanks to our unique experience operating in hostile environments, we are also exceptionally well positioned to promote awareness of and adherence to best operational practices, in order to effectively minimize the risks that are regularly faced in these oftentimes hostile areas. Our expertise and training draws upon our local knowledge and our deep understanding of Iraqi culture, and is therefore responsive to the particular sensitivities of the communities in which your businesses are based. We offer:

  • Hostile Environment Awareness training, country wide, and project based, including custom designed risk management and cultural awareness seminars
  • Defensive driver training, and training in safe transport of people and physical assets
  • First aid training
  • Protection and training against explosive devices
  • Training in threat observation and early identification
  • Surveillance techniques, and counter-surveillance techniques
  • Kidnap risk identification, and survival response

Emergency Management

We help companies get prepared for, and learn how to effectively respond to, critical situations, such as natural disasters, industrial accidents, road traffic accidents, civil/community violence and disorder, and terrorist attacks. Broadly speaking, Bishop Risk Management’s Emergency Management program consists of an initial security review, followed by emergency management planning, systems development, systems implementation, training, live testing, and ongoing maintenance and review. Our experts are also available for live, real time, crisis assistance.

Emergency Management services we provide include:

  • Risk Assessment and Reconnaissance
  • Incident, Emergency and Crisis Management Planning
  • Crisis Communication Planning (covering both means communication and crisis chain of command)
  • Evacuation Procedures planning
  • Personnel Protection and Convoy Protection planning
  • Close Protection (Heads of State to Erbil, and C-level executives making country visits)
  • Physical Asset Protection, and Facility Protection (import and transport of valuable assets; securing the permanent location of such assets)
  • Medical Support, including Emergency First Aid, and Casualty Evacuation planning
  • Emergency Response Training
  • Crisis Scenario Testing (live exercises in the field)
  • Risk Monitoring, to ensure an early warning of possible problems
  • Ongoing emergency management maintenance and review programs (regular refreshers and reviews)

Event Safety and Security

For those planning one time events, we have experience managing risk and providing security to a variety of different venues. We’ve secured private events for high level meetings involving political leaders, judges, celebrities, and C-level executives; we’ve provided security to hotels and conference centers for semi-private events; and we’ve provided security at venues in open public locations, such as stadiums and parks. Important events, whether small scale corporate events, or large conferences open to international participants, require careful risk management and safety planning. We offer the following services:

  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Crisis management preparedness and event contingency planning
  • Advice on CCTV and surveillance systems, access control systems, and intruder detection systems
  • Perimeter fencing systems, as well as hostile vehicle risk assessment planning and defense
  • Physical Building Protection Measures, including Blast Protection
  • Emergency service and guard force training
  • Event staffing and incident response
  • Crowd Control, soft (concerts, cultural events)
  • Crowd Control, hard (training private security teams to prepare for riots, securing camp compounds from hostile local environments, and training of local police and paramilitary police forces)

Insurance Audits

As part of their international compliance programs and corporate responsibility policies, companies operating in Iraq must not only meet internally mandated requirements, but external requirements as well. On behalf of international insurance companies, we conduct rigorous security audits to determine the actual and potential risks faced by an insurance company’s client or prospective client. We also work on behalf of international companies themselves, which hire us to carry out exhaustive security audits of their Iraq operations. Carrying out such an audit can help to identify, reduce and eliminate risks, thereby reducing the costs of insurance, and maximizing the possibility of obtaining a quality insurance policy. Thanks to Bishop Risk Management’s experience dealing with insurers, we are also well positioned to advise companies operating in Iraq which insurers best fit their company’s profile, based on the activities they are undertaking, and the locations in which they are operating. We also have expertise in High Limit Medical, Emergency Evacuation, AD&D, APTD, Kidnap & Ransom for adverse risk locales in both southern Iraq and the disputed territories of Kurdistan.